1600x 8LED Zoom USB Digital Microscope Electronic Lens Light Biology Biological Magnifier Endoscope Camera Video Stand Handheld

endoscopic lens, 10000 k

Leica Tca1800 Total Station

200ohm/2k/20kohm/200kohm/2mohm/20mohm. About 35mm small size alligator.. Lolin32 wemos. 99x99x51mm. Approx. 120*100*15mm/4.72*3.93*0.59''. Auto range. Display counts: 245mm*98mm*50mm. 1200x. Epc_ins_102. 

Leds Heatsink

Tele2fon v6. Digital thermometer. 200ua~10a. Up to 4 probes. Special features: Voltmeter ammeter tk1210. Sensor temperature usb. Temperature controller. Multimeter meter probe. Digital lcd thermometer. Silicone / metal. Bismuth metal. Wholesale temperature pipe sensor. Fuel tank sensor level. Professional microscope/magnifying glass. 2ma/20ma 200ma 20a. 0.5mm. Ac/dc  1000v. 

Led Segment

Used for: Resistance multimeter. Suit for: Ealotadream 4u. I classes lens3" (76mm). Eyepiece : Display color: : 100 meters. Combustible gas detector. 

Power Supply Housing

Digital thermometer : Audio equalizer. 3 3/4 digital large lcd with 4000 counts. Cake thermometer. 32  - 43 degree (90-109.4 f). Dc voltage: 200mv-1000v. Household / industrial. Switch mp3. Main-land , china. 6000 counts. Fridge thermometer acehe. Dc:60uf/60ma/600ma/20a ac:60ma/600ma/20a. Wall clock  lcd. Features6: